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In The Moment ... Moment In Sound With Heath Johnson

Chynna Lockett
Heath Johnson

In The Moment ... March 3, 2017 Show 042 Hour 1

We begin the hour with a conversation with Dr. Mohammad Zeeshan Qamar. As director of interfaith dialog at the Muslim Community Center of South Dakota in Sioux Falls, Dr. Qamar is often asked to talk about his faith with those who are curious or even suspicious. He discusses his journey to the United States, raising Muslim children in Sioux Falls, and how conversations with Christians and non-Muslims have helped him grow the depth of his own faith.

An art gallery in Rapid City is trying to open a conversation about contemporary Native American art. The Racing Magpie founders and in-house artists speak with SDPB's Chynna Lockett about their work.


South Dakota poet Patrick Hicks shares a poem from his collection “Adoptable.” This one is called “The Strangers.” It revisits the night the poet’s internationally adopted child arrived in his new country.

Credit Chynna Lockett
Heath Johnson

This week on Moment in Sound, we meet musician Heath Johnson. He's plays throughout the Black Hills and released the 12-song project "Wrong Side of the Train" in 2014. Heath Johnson joins us live from the SDPB studios in Rapid City for live music and a conversation about fatherhood, songwriting, and gathering the courage to share personal songs with South Dakota audiences.