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In The Moment ... Working Against Childhood Obesity

Kealey Bultena
Dr. Brett Bradfield

In The Moment... February 27, 2017 Show 038 Hour 1

We begin the hour with an update on the Paul Dean Jensen case. Jensen spent 20 years in prison, serving life without parole for a murder he committed in 1996 at the age of 14. In June, a judge reconsidered that penalty and imposed a 200 year sentence. Now Jensen is appealing the second sentence. SDPB’s Victoria Wicks has the update.

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Recent reports say child obesity numbers are holding steady after two decades. We talk with Ashley Miller and Karen Keyser about child obesity in South Dakota and what professionals and parents are doing to reverse the trends that puts an entire generation at risk.

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As South Dakota farmers and producers continue to contemplate the role of climate in the industry, Laura Edwards takes the helm as the SDSU Extension State Climatologist. We talk with Laura about the role of climate in South Dakota lives and livelihoods.

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Two Sioux Falls Universities change leadership this year. Today we meet Dr. Brett Bradfield who takes the helm of the University of Sioux Falls. We’ll talk about his vision and aspirations, as well as the challenges of leading during a challenging time in higher education in America.

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Chris is a producer for In the Moment.