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Statehouse Podcast: Guns, Lobbying, Protests And License Plates


The House Transportation Committee has approved two bills to allow new Native American design options on license plates. Senate Bill 73 provides a special plate for Native American veterans. Supporters say this allows Native Americans to denote their tribe and their military service. Senate Bill 118 allows for special plates to have the depiction of the new Dignity statue.The House Transportation Committee also passed a motorcycle license plate policy revision. The bill offers motorcyclists a choice of how they display their license plates. Senate Bill 79 allows cyclists to place their plates horizontal or vertical. 

A bill that bans state employees from lobbying the legislature for three years has failed.

The Senate Judiciary Committee moves a bill on concealed weapons to the Senate floor.  Senator Lance Russell of Hot Springs says Senate Bill 94 allows South Dakota residents to join gun-owners in Wyoming and other states to take part in “constitutional carry” opportunities.

A bill that increases the governor’s scope to react to a large scale protest now heads to the Senate Floor. The governor’s office says Senate Bill 176 is legislation that aims to keep protests peaceful when the Keystone XL pipeline gets built. Opponents say it’s a restriction on free speech.

Cara Hetland is the Director of Radio and Journalism Content for South Dakota Public Broadcasting.