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In The Moment ... A Scientific Revolution Inspired By Origami


In The Moment... February 15, 2017 Show 031 Hour 2

From the state budget shortfall to questions of unity in the state GOP, the Dakota Political Junkies tackle highlights from the South Dakota political scene. Roger Whittle and Jonathan Ellis are with us.

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SDPB’s Kealey Bultena brings you an update on an abortion bill that passed the state House of Representatives. The bill changes fetal pain charges from misdemeanor to felony.

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Dr. Jeff Wehrung previews his lecture “Who is the Reluctant Celebrity” about Korczak Ziolkowski, Chief Henry Standing Bear, Crazy Horse, and the ongoing journey to seeing a vision realized.

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Plus, The simple rules of two-dimensional paper folding blossom around us in nature ... from the petals of a flower to the wings of a beetle. Now those principles of origami are inspiring a scientific revolution. Tonight on SDPB-TV, tune in for NOVA's "The Origami Revolution." It airs at 8 p.m. central, 7 mountain. Joining us is MIT mathematician Erik Demaine.

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