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Statehouse Podcast: Wiretapping, SAVIN, Native Leaders Lobby, And Auto Repairs


Governor Dennis Daugaard signed a bill  that adds electronic devices to the state’s wiretapping laws. More specifically, Daugaard says the bill allows law enforcement to monitor cell phone calls.

The House Judiciary Committee passed Senate Bill 26 to improve how the state notifies crime victims. The proposal streamlines the automated system in charge of notifications.

The Senate State Affairs Committee is bringing a lobbying bill to the full Senate.  The bill allows tribal elected officials the opportunity to speak in meetings without having to register as lobbyists.  

The State Senate Transportation Committee is advancing a bill to help protect auto mechanics whose customers don’t pay them for work.  Senator Craig Kennedy of Yankton tells committee members Senate Bill 69 stems from a court case involving a mechanic who was not paid for repairs, and a bank with a lien on the vehicle that won’t pay the work bill.