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Statehouse Podcast: Auditing Indian Health Service, Delay In Repeal Of IM-22, Child Custody


Representative Don Haggar says the Indian Health Service needs help and is requesting an audit by the Federal General Accounting Office.

A bill to equal parenting time for divorced couples assumes both parents have equal rights and responsibilities for joint custody. The measure is moving through the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The South Dakota Senate delays vote on measure to repeal Initiated Measure 22.

Governor Dennis Daugaard says he will veto the transgender locker room bill if it reaches his desk as it is written today. SB-115 defines a person's gender based on anatomy and limits locker rooms shall be for use by personas of only the same sex. Daugaard says he hasn't heard there is a problem and the issue should be handled at the local level. He says communities are at risk of losing NCAA tournaments if lawmakers proceed in this area.