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Pennington County Sheriff’s Office Rescue 75 Animals From Creighton Property

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Humane Society of the Black Hills Facebook

Pennington County sheriff’s deputies have seized 75 neglected animals from a residence in Creighton.

The animals were taken from the town north of Wall to the Humane Society of the Black Hills. That group says they’re in dire need of donations to help care for the animals.

According to the Pennington County Sheriff’s office, deputies responded to a tip of neglected animals at a residence in Creighton. When they arrived the cops discovered dozens of animals in poor condition. More than 40 dogs, 15 rabbits, 14 cats and a bird were brought to Rapid City.

Sargent Randy Harkins says the owners could face charges of animal abuse and neglect.

“Some of those animals needed to receive emergency care upon intake," Harkins says. "They’re still sifting through those animals and getting them the care they need for various ailments and injuries they received while they were being housed at that residence in Creighton.”

Harkins says many of the animals were housed in cramped and unheated outbuildings.

Jacque Harvey is the executive director of the humane society. She says some animals may take several months to get healthy.

That time table is a strain on resources, she says. The humane society is asking for donations to help accommodate the sudden influx of animals. Harvey says the starving dogs need a certain grain free food to help them slowly gain weight again…

“They are emaciated and we have to start them out very slowly, otherwise it’s very hard on their systems," Harvey says. "We need blankets, towels, kitty litter, we need rabbit food, bedding, and we also need some groomers to step up and groom these animals, because they are in terrible shape. They are dirty and matted and it’s just a sad situation.”

Harvey says some of the animals may get sent to breed specific rescues across the country for further rehabilitation.