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Telephone Scam Targeting South Dakotans

Office of the US Attorney for district of South Dakota
Department of Justice

Some South Dakotans are receiving telephone calls from an unknown source claiming to be a police officer, a clerk of courts, or a judge.

The caller tells the targeted individual they failed to report for jury duty and must send in money to avoid arrest.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Gregg Peterman says residents should know the telephone call is a scam.

He says government officials will never call asking for money.  

“What folks should do, number one, is not send any money, and number two, call the police, report what has happened because the police will know where to send that information,” says Peterman.

Peterman says an investigation is currently underway to stop the scammers.  He says anyone who receives one of these calls should report it to police.

Peterman adds that people who are aware of the phony call and report it could help future individuals from being a victim of this crime.