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Wintry Precipitation Mixture Heads For South Dakota; Freezing Rain May Make Travel Difficult

Days after the first snowstorm of the season--drivers could face difficult roads again this week.  Officials say several forms of precipitation could hit the region tonight and Tuesday. 

Officials say the overnight storm could leave some snow in parts of South Dakota—but that may not be the big story with this system.  Travis Tarver is a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Aberdeen.

“Well, the system that’s moving in tonight and tomorrow has a little more warmer air associated with the previous storm system.  We’re gonna see surface temperatures right around freezing, or a couple degrees either side of freezing tonight and tomorrow.  So that’s gonna allow us to have more of a mixture of precipitation; kind of in the form of rain, freezing rain, sleet and some snow.”

Tarver says travelers need to have some special concern Tuesday morning.

“We could have some light ice accumulation late tonight and tomorrow morning.  So when people are heading off to work or school tomorrow morning, there could be some icy roads out there.  We’re not expecting a whole lot of accumulation, but you know, we don’t need a whole lot of ice to cause slippery conditions.”

Tarver says the Aberdeen area shouldn’t see much snow accumulation, but communities to the south could have an inch or two of new snowfall by the end of the storm Tuesday.