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Dakota Midday: Celebrating National Parks 100th With Mato Tipila (Devil's Tower)

Mato Tipila (in translation) appears on all three of the earliest maps of the region as “Bear Lodge” or “Bears Lodge.” Never as “Devils Tower.”

Dakota Midday host Lori Walsh journeyed to Mato Tipila to ask the question: How do we interact with the sacred when many of us approach as visitors?

She visited the park. She stayed for sunset. She asked Craig Howe for perspective.

Here is what she discovered - about the sacred, about tourism, about ancient narratives, and about unanswered questions.

Craig Howe is founder of CAIRNS, the Center for American Indian Research and Native Studies. Photo taken at Mato Paha.

Lori Walsh is the host and senior producer of In the Moment.
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