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The 500 Ton Haul: Sturgis Public Works Rally Trash Removal

The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is a weeklong event where bikers from all over the country enjoy scenic views, live entertainment, and lots of alcohol.

For the City of Sturgis Public Works Department, all of this adds up to about 500 tons of trash and other debris each year.   The bottles, beer cans, and other trash would pile up on the street. But, the city public works crew works 22 night shifts in a row before, during and after the rally to get the job done. This small town workforce deals with a big city cleanup, meaning every worker has to put in extra effort.

SDPB’s Kenzie Wagner joined the city cleanup on the first morning of the official start of the Rally.  She gathered voices of those cleaning the streets of Sturgis from Midnight to 5am and produced this montage.

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