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Locals Urged To Use Urgent Care Over ER During Sturgis Rally


The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is just one week away and roads and businesses won’t be the only places packed with bikers. Rapid City Regional Hospital officials expect the emergency room to be just as overcrowded. So, they’re advising locals to save a trip to the ER for emergencies only and choose urgent care centers whenever possible.  

Doctor Alexia Gillen is the medical director for Rapid City Regional Urgent Care facilities. She says during the rally urgent care can treat common health complaints like wounds, the stomach bug and even respiratory infections.

“So it would be the hope this year that we can help to keep the emergency department providers able and open to take care of emergency situations and then our community and tourists in town who have more minor concerns can certainly come to the urgent cares,” says Gillen.

Gillen adds that even though urgent care is also busy during the rally, it’s able to see a quick turnover on patients.

Some Regionally owned healthcare centers are closed during the Rally, like Massa Berry Clinic in Sturgis.While officials don’t expect this year’s event to be as large as last year’s 75th Rally, they still encourage locals to fill prescriptions and make appointments before or after the rally.