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SF Mayor Proposes 2017 Budget

Erin Mairose

Mayor of Sioux Falls Mike Huether wants to decrease the Sioux Falls city budget for 2017. He presented his recommendation to city council members.

Mayor Mike Huether is proposing a $467 million dollar budget for next year. That's four million dollars less than the current budget.

“In business we’d call it flat. And I think that’s fair. We’re trying to do everything that we can to make government more efficient, more productive, and in ’17 I proud of what are plans are to ultimately make that happen,” says Huether.

Huether proposes about $159 million dollars in general operating expenses including public safety, streets, and parks and recreation. 

“So often we talk about that tax payer buck, that dollar bill. So I wanted to give you a visual- I wanted to give you a favor, a visual of where your buck is going. Public safety and streets makes up a little over half of that, or just about half of your spending,” says Heuther.

Huether says public safety remains a priority. He’s recommending adding four police officers and two public works employees to the city's full-time staff of over 1,200 people.

Huether says some of the biggest problems facing Sioux Falls are affordable housing and public transportation.