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Building South Dakota Exhibit Displays State’s Overlooked Infrastructure

SD Historical Society

South Dakota is not widely known for its architecture or infrastructure.Officials hope a new installation at the South Dakota Cultural Heritage Center in Pierre changes this.  The Building South Dakota exhibit highlights the ordinary structures state residents see every day.

Visitors who follow the hand painted highway up the stairs at the Cultural Heritage Center in Pierre can find the new Building South Dakota exhibit.

Ronette Rumpca is with the State Historical Society. She says it highlights the past, present and future of the state’s urban structures.

Rumpca says the previous exhibit that Building South Dakota replaces focused on what lies underneath South Dakota.

“Now we want to take a look and see what we’ve put on the land, buildings, roads, power lines, all those kind of things from the early days of South Dakota all the way through to modern times,” says Rumpca.

Rumpca adds that hands on activities are a major part of the showcase, where people can construct their own South Dakota infrastructure system, complete with gravel roads and farm lands. She says Building South Dakota is on display for at least the next two years.