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Rally In Support Of SF Police

Erin Mairose

Fatal shootings across the country in recent weeks have left police officers and civilians dead.  Thursday night people gathered in Sioux Falls to show appreciation for the local police force. 

Holding signs and flags, people walk along a busy street and gather outside the Sioux Falls police station. One of those rallying here is Carol Miller.

“I think the cops do a wonderful job and it’s a scary job and then need support,” says Miller.

Others here include Austin Feenstra who just finished his training with the Sioux Falls police force. He says he appreciates hearing from people in the community.

Credit Erin Mairose
Rally goers wave flags and signs along Minnesota Ave.

“Numerous people come up to me on the streets and say thank you for what you guys do and we really do appreciate it. Just driving down the street earlier today I said someone roll down their window and said thank you,” says Feenstra.

The crowd included some people who align with the Black Lives Matter Movement.  One of them, is David Blackburn with Black Lives Matter South Dakota. He says he attended after seeing many police officers at the Black Lives Matter rally last weekend.

“The police department kind of helped me out doing my own movement last week so I definitely want to show some appreciation because we’re trying to work with them and not against them to help stop this senseless violence,” says Blackburn.

A little less than a hundred people attended the event. The rally ended with a blessing over the officers.