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Native POP Art Market Set For Rapid City

Victoria Wicks

A Native American art and culture event in Rapid City is part of a push to expand the plains art market in the Midwest.

Rapid City’s Main Street Square hosts the fourth annualNative Peoples of the Plains art show July 16.

Native Peoples of the Plains or POP began as an effort to increase the availability of Native American art in Rapid City. This year, around 50 artists display their works.

Peter Strong is with Native POP. He’s also the co-owner of the studio and artist workspace Racing Magpie. Strong says that even though there’s a demand for Native art in the area, the market isn’t well established.

“Historically there’s a very strong market for Native art in the southwest, there’s a pretty strong market in the northwest, and in different regions around the country but the Northern Plains it’s been really difficult for regional artists, local artists, to get connected to the market,” says Strong.

But Strong thinks things are changing, especially as more of the community becomes involved and supports Native culture events.

“It’s really exciting, the direction we’re going and the potential we have to continue to grow because of this huge pool of really talented artists and cultural practitioners in the region,” says Strong.

Native POP Gathering runs all day Saturday, July 16 and is free to the public. Strong says that including art, a Native Fashion Show, Native made films, and music and dance performances are scheduled.