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SD Wineries Can Ship Directly To Customers

Prairie Berry Winery
Erin Mairose

If you like Zinfandel with a spicy pasta, a Malbec with a thick steak, or Chardonnay with a sweet dessert, South Dakotans can now order wine over the internet.   A new law, in effect for about six months, allows wineries to ship directly to customers across the state.

Laura Schluckebier is a manager at Prairie Berry Winery. With locations in Sioux Falls and Hill City, Schluckebier says it was time to be able to reach every customer in the state.

“It definitely is imperative to progress in the same direction as the wine industry. And right now the demand in the wine industry is direct to consumer shipping. And that’s only going to increase. So it’s great to see that South Dakota is moving in that direction to reflect the wine industry trends,” says Schluckebier

Schluckebier says up until now Prairie Berry’s top customers were from other Midwestern states.

“I think it provides an opportunity both for wineries outside of the state, but very much within the state. We have such a large following in the state being a South Dakota company and local products here that it definitely benefits those of us wineries that are in state,” says Schluckebier.

Prairie Berry is one of over 20 wineries in the state.  Many of the state’s smaller wineries haven’t registered for a direct shipping license, but some say they may if more customers request it.

To search for wineries that have a license, click here