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South Dakota Board of Regents Drafts Rules For Alcohol Sales On Campus

Sonja Pieper
Flickr commons

In South Dakota, state-run universities have been dry for 77 years.  But not anymore.

In a law passed this year, legislators tapped into a new law that allows alcohol sales at certain events. Those events include performing arts, athletics, fundraising, receptions and conferences. University presidents still have the final say in whether or not to allow alcohol sales on campus.

Janelle Toman, a spokesperson with the Board of Regents, says South Dakota was one of only a few states that still prohibited alcohol sales at state educational institutions…

“Quite a few Division 1 schools already allow this. What was our limitation here in South Dakota was that there was a state law that specifically said we could not sell any type of alcoholic beverage at all. So until that law was changed, there was nothing that our universities could do in terms of sales,” Toman says.

Toman says there was little comment for or against the policy while the Board of Regents was drafting the rules.

The new law, which still limits sales to beer and wine only, went into effect on Friday.