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Fourth of July Travel At All-Time High

This Fourth of July weekend could see record-breaking numbers of travelers. AAA predicts that increased auto and air travel may result in benefits beyond the holidays.

Nearly 43 million Americans are projected to travel this weekend. Marilyn Buskohl of AAA South Dakota expects the state to have a one percent increase over last year in holiday travel. She says this prediction is based on low gas prices, which are 40 cents lower in the state than last year.

“Basically what lower gases have done is they’ve for people’s budgets, they’ve given them more money to travel, so it’s a real win for the travel industry," says Buskohl.

Buskohl says gas prices directly affect travel trends. She says low prices at the pump influence travel in all modes of transportation like auto, air and even cruise bookings. She says this trend should sustain throughout the summer, benefiting many areas of the local and national economy.

“It’s going to help the economy because people are out spending money in hotels and attractions, restaurants and shopping, so overall it’s just an economic boost," says Buskohl.

Along with more drivers on the road, Buskohl adds that needs for roadside assistance will also increase. She recommends travelers to check their car’s battery, fluids and tires before hitting the road.