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Rapid City Board of Education Imposes Teacher Salary Contract

Kenzie Wagner

The Rapid City Board of Education met Monday evening to impose a teacher’s salary contract.  The move comes following a disagreement between the school board and the teacher’s union.  But teachers decided to forgo mediation and move forward.  

The Rapid City School Board plans to use the new half penny sales tax increase to boost the salaries of new teachers.  The plan includes smaller increases for veteran or higher degree holding teachers.

Sue Podoll is president of the Rapid City Education Association or teachers union.

“Hopefully work to reduce some of the strife and the stress among veteran staff and new teachers, because once again we believe that the true piece that was missed here was an opportunity to work together with the district and work to solve a problem, that didn’t happen,” Podoll says.

The Rapid City Board of Education proposed contract goes into effect for area teachers beginning July 1 for the 2016-2017 school year.

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