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DCI Continues To Investigate Sparkler Bomb Incident

Officials with the South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation continue to look into an incident involving a sparkler bomb found on the roof of the Aberdeen American News. As SDPB’s Jenifer Jones reports, they’re going to review security footage from the building – but officials don’t think this is a malicious act.

The sparkler bomb was found last month by someone working on the roof of the Aberdeen American News. Captain Jay Tobin with the Aberdeen Police Department says the device is basically a bunch of Fourth of July type sparklers taped together. He says sparkler bombs are fairly common and have previously been set off in alleys in town. American News Publisher Cory Bollinger says there’s no indication the bomb was a malicious attack. He says the device could’ve been placed any time during a three week period. Officials with DCI are looking at security footage soon.

 “We reviewed them,” Bollinger says. “We looked through them after the incident trying to see if we could see somebody or something throwing the device on our roof. But maybe they’ll see something we didn’t see. It’s a long span to look at time-wise.”
Bollinger says the building was not evacuated when the sparkler bomb was found. The device has since been destroyed.