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Rapid City Collective Impact Coalition Moves Forward Into Next Phase

Kenzie Wagner

Members of a group working to tackle some tough community issues in Rapid City say they are making progress. The Rapid City Collective Impact Coalition is a new organization working to address social issues in the community.


Members of the Rapid City Collective Impact Coalition chose eight focus areas following a series of workshops last week. Project chair Dr. Albert Linderman says the work streams, or subsystems, will target issues like mental health, substance abuse, economic development, and education.

 “And it’s not that those subsystems are going to address every single issue in there. They’re not. And it’s not that they’re trying to take over what else is already going on in town. It will end up that these work streams are going to collaborate with collaborate with, support, and provide if you will, acceleration to what’s already existing, if it’s already existing, and in areas where there’s things that aren’t existing creating initiatives to address gaps that are out there,” says Linderman.

Linderman says that the RCCIC is working with local leaders on other community issues not addressed in the workshops.  He says the workshops will meet periodically throughout the summer to create a final strategy plan by this fall.



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