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SDSU Wins Showdown Series Taking Home Corn Trophy


South Dakota State is taking home its third corn trophy. The trophy is part of a charity fundraiser that pits SDSU against the University of South Dakota each year. The organization South Dakota Corn created the series four years ago as a way to raise money for families in need of food assistance. This year the games raised $66-thousand dollars for Feeding South Dakota.

The Showdown Series pits South Dakota's Division I schools in head-to-head athletic competitions. Points are based on wins between SDSU and USD with additional points given for athlete’s academic achievement. The contest also gets students from both schools to raise money to help feed hungry families. Matt Gassen is the executive director of Feeding South Dakota. He says the $66,000 raised this year is a new record for the series.

“When they started the showdown series several years ago we knew it was going to take a while for it to grow momentum, and  I think the check we received today is just a real indication of what this partnership can be, and will be in the future,” says Gassen.

Gassen says the money helps provide food assistance to families statewide as donations slow during the summer months.