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Dakota Midday: Small Town Nostalgia with Phyllis Schrag


Phyllis Schrag says that if you have to grow up, it might as well be in a small town. The South Dakota Humanities scholar joins Dakota Midday for some unapologetic nostalgia as we talk about small town America through a child’s-eye view. Right after Midday, Schrag presents at the Days of 76 Museum in Deadwood for their Preservation Thursday event.

Phyllis Schrag is a retired SD high school speech, English, and theater teacher.  She is a quilter with her own long-arm quilting business, an avid reader, an actor, and a public speaker.  Together with her husband, Larry, She recently moved to Iowa to be close to children and grandchildren.  Yearly, she returns to tour the state with South Dakota Humanities Council programs  at museums, churches, schools, boys and girls clubs, and civic groups.