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Dakota Midday: Book Club Author Jim Reese

Author Jim Reese’s poetry collection “Really Happy” is the second feature of the 2016 Dakota Midday Book Club.

Reese joins Midday to discuss how poetry has informed his role as father, the use of poetry in federal prison, and the importance of truth and second chances.

Extended conversation with author/poet Jim Reese. In which host Lori Walsh's cell phone interrupts the interview, the poet messes up while reading his own poem, and we all breathe in the beauty of imperfection.

If you are a member of the Dakota Midday Book Club, our next  book will arrive in your mailbox before long. It's called "Worthy" by Denice Turner.

If you’d like to become an official member of the book club, it’s a great way to support the programming at SDPB radio. You’ll helping us keep quality conversations on air … and you’ll receive  every Dakota Midday Book Club selection delivered to your mailbox.

Of course, you're always invited to read along. Check out a copy of the book from your local library or ask your local bookseller to help you find a copy of your own

Lori Walsh is the host and senior producer of In the Moment.