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2016 SD Leg, Not Just Ed Funding And Medicaid

Education and Medicaid expansion are the hot topics in Pierre this session…but they’re not the only bills likely to generate public interest. Here’s a rundown of some of the bills SDPB is tracking.

That list of bills coming in Pierre this session Includes House Bill 1054, authorizing the production and sale of industrial hemp, and House Bill 1025, which adds a number of anabolic steroids to the controlled substances list. House Bill 1008 restricts access to certain restrooms and locker rooms in public schools, saying that those places can only be designated for and used by students of the same biological sex. On the Senate side Bill 24 prohibits the sale of fetal body parts. Senate Bill 54 is a package of laws meant to protect South Dakota seniors and adults with disabilities from abuse, neglect, and exploitation. Senate Bill 28 requires students receive a vaccine for meningitis. A bill requiring drug tests for welfare applicants is expected to be introduced this session as well.