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Korean War Veterans Honored In Ceremony


Korean War Veterans were honored in a first of its kind ceremony Tuesday. Hundreds of veterans in Pierre and across the state received Korean Ambassador for Peace Medals to recognize their service in what is sometimes called the “forgotten war.”

It’s been more than 60 years since an armistice was signed allowing U.S. troops to come home from the Korean War. Governor Dennis Daugaard says it’s imperative that the conflict is remembered.  
“It is as important as ever that the stories of the Korean War be told,” Daugaard says. “That our children and our grandchildren grow up knowing about this great struggle. About the deprivation and hardships borne by those who fought. And that we not allow this conflict to be the forgotten war.”

South Korean official, Minister Sungchoon Park, with the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs says the Korean War is a special page in his country’s history.

 “In three days after North Korea’s sudden attack on June 25th, 1950, Korea’s capitol, Seoul, was occupied by North communists,” Park says. “And 90% of the total territory was under the North’s command. We got into a desperately dangerous situation.”
Park says the swift intervention by UN forces, led by the United States, successfully defended the Republic of Korea.
“The Korean government, and Korean people have never forgotten such noble sacrifices and contribution, historically unprecedented, made by 1,950,000 veterans from 21 countries,” Park says.  
He says Koreans are thankful for what American men and women did for his country.