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Salvation Army Kettles In Sioux Falls Closer To Goal

Erin Mairose

The Salvation Army in Sioux Falls is closer to its $300,000 goal after match day over the weekend. 

The familiar sound of bells and the sight of red kettles is one of the Salvation Army’s largest fundraisers.

On Saturday for every $20 donated, a local bank gave $80—helping the red kettle campaign raise over $30,000 in one day. Major Thomas Riggs says the money supports programs for food, rent, and utility assistance.

“I was talking with a senior a couple weeks ago who said, “You know Major, I’m really in a dilemma- I’ve got my rent due, I’ve got to pay my prescriptions that cost me a  $1,000 a month and I don’t know which one I’m going to pay this week.” And so when they’re looking at those kinds of issues, they go to the Salvation Army for assistance. We’re able to help people with their rent, utilities groceries—making sure that they are staying in their homes, staying warm, and being able to provide for themselves,” Riggs says.

Riggs says with over 40 red kettle locations in Sioux Falls, surprising donations happen each year. 

“Just recently, I was counting the money and there was a coin wrapped in a piece of paper and it said, “Judas sold Jesus for thirty pieces of silver, I want to give you money back to do good" and there was a silver coin. And then I noticed inside the kettle there was thirty pieces of silver total as he said, “I want to something good.” And so we have that kind of thing happening, people are putting in special coins and things like that,” says Riggs.

The red kettle campaign goes until Christmas Eve.