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Local Landscape Photographer Displays Images From National Parks

Chynna Lockett

  Landscape photographers have been trying to capture beauty in nature since the camera was invented. One local photographer spent the last year traveling and documenting the outdoors.

Erica Harvey is a photographer but she describes herself as a starving professional.
Harvey used to be a commercial photographer but then switched her focus to landscape.
 “I opened my own business and it was actually going really well. But then 2008 happened and all of my customers basically pulled out because of the economy. So I’d been working basically day jobs, here, there and I lost my job last year and things were pointing me to do photography again. So I was like okay, I’d rather fail because of me not the economy. So let’s do what I love to do which is be outside and preserve the planet,” Harvey says.
Now she travels to national parks around the country and takes photos. She says she’s trying to encourage her generation to get outside.
 “My exhibition is called majestic moments and it’s basically moments from my life within the last year. I’ve been traveling to all different parks and just documenting the light and the scenery and it’s just absolutely amazing. And I’m hoping to promote people and inspire people to get out in our national parks. My generation tends to stay home and dink around on their iPad rather than get outside,” says Harvey.
The theme of Harvey’s exhibition is the Rocky Mountains. Her work will be on display at South Dakota School of Mines and Technology’s APEX Gallery thru October 30th.