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Pope Francis Encourages Congress To Make A Difference

Pope Francis addressed a joint session of Congress Thursday. U.S. Senator Mike Rounds says his message was encouraging.


Senator Mike Rounds says Pope Francis talked about immigration, the environment, and the sanctity of human life. He says the Pope suggested that the role of Senator or Representative comes with important responsibilities.
“And he was there, convincing us once again that we have the resources necessary to truly make a difference in the world today,” Rounds says. “I thought it was a very positive message. He’s trying to draw us to the point of feeling that the opportunities are there to make things better. And he didn’t tell us how to do it. He simply suggested that we could do it, and that we had done it in the past, and that we were an example to the rest of the world.”  
Rounds says the Pope’s message was non-partisan and uplifting.