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Thune, Pope May Be At Odds Over Climate Change

U.S. Senate

Pope Francis is set to give an historic address before a joint session of congress near the end of this month.   Given his recent statement on climate change and the environment it’s possible he will touch on this issue when speaking before lawmakers.  The pope says countries like the United States have to do more to reduce the impacts of climate change. He says too often the focus is on profit rather than protecting the environment.   

 But U.S. Senator John Thune says he hopes any action to deal with climate doesn’t hurt the economy.  Thune is critical of President Obama’s plan to reduce carbon pollution.  

“You got to be balanced in how you approach these issues you have to take into consideration benefits and costs and that’s something that has been badly lacking in this administration’s approach to this issue.  What the pope has to say about it we’re all ears and we will look forward to hearing him out on this and all other issues,” says Thune.  

Thune and other members of congress are able to give out tickets to the pope’s speech.   Thune calls this a once in a lifetime opportunity.  He says there is a great interest in the limited tickets and he says he’s working with the diocese to find the best way to distribute them.