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Construction Begins On Nordby 4-H Exhibit Hall

Construction is starting on the Nordby 4-H exhibit Hall located on the fairgrounds in Huron. The old exhibit hall was demolished in 2013. When completed the hall is going to feature exhibit space for 4-H projects, performances, and food competitions. Kathryn Henning is a member of the South Dakota State Fair Association. She says the State legislature had to approve an extra seven hundred thousand dollars for the project adding to the wait.

“It doesn’t really look like there is a lot going on right now. What they’re doing is ground work, making sure the ground will be stable for the building and then they’ll put some footings in so if you look at it looks like it’s just blank out there, but they’re doing the ground work and then after that they’ll be constructing the first parts of the building," says Henning. 

So far four million dollars has been raised with less than a million left towards the goal. Construction is expected to be completed in June of 2016. More than nine thousand kids are enrolled in 4-H across the state.