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KXL: PUC Hearings Extended To Accommodate Lengthy Testimony

Victoria Wicks

Time set for the Keystone XL hearing in Pierre has been extended. The Public Utilities Commission had set the week of July 27 through Aug. 4, with a clear weekend. But today (Thursday), TransCanada’s witnesses are still on the stand, and interveners’ witnesses are still to come.

The delay comes largely because each TransCanada witness is subject to cross-examination by about a dozen interveners, one at a time. Questioning is detailed and lengthy, as are objections and discussions of the hearing’s format.

The purpose of the hearing is to determine if TransCanada can meet the conditions set for its permit issued in 2010.

Listen online live and find ongoing coverage at, and follow tweets @SDPBNews and @vee_wicks. SDPB’s Victoria Wicks is in Pierre covering the hearing.

Rapid City freelancer Victoria L. Wicks has been producing news for SDPB since August 2007. She Retired from this position in March 2023.