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Historical St. Liborius School, Set For Demolition, Holds Memories

On the isolated prairie 24 miles northwest of Miller lies the town of Polo. It’s a small residential community notable for its distinctive landmark, the Saint Liborius Church and School, a block-long Spanish Mission-style complex that is largely empty and crumbling.
Most of the structure could soon be torn down, leaving only the church and rectory standing. The parishioners have asked the Bishop of the Diocese for permission to raze the old building and build a new Parish Hall.
The church itself was built in 1904. It has gone through several renovations over the years. It has more than doubled in size, and at one point, the interior was painted blue, and then the blue paint was stripped away to again reveal rich wood.
The boarding school was constructed in 1923, and it also has gone through several renovations.
At least one Polo resident, JoAnn Schaefers, mourns the impending loss of the old building and what it has meant to her family over the years.
In early July, Schaefers gave SDPB’s Victoria Wicks a tour of the school and church.