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SF Man Arrested For Human Trafficking

Kealey Bultena

A Sioux Falls man is in jail after authorities say he forced a woman into prostitution for multiple years in several cities. Officials say they responded to a call Tuesday that connected them with the victim.

Authorities in Sioux Falls say a 43-year-old woman is safe after two to three years of forced prostitution. Officer Sam Clemens says earlier this week the victim and her abuser argued.

"And that ended up with him punching her several times and then kicking her – kicking her specifically in the head numerous times," Clemens says.

Clemens says it happened at the home the woman shared with her abuser. He says the situation calmed down, the victim went to sleep – and she had a neighbor call police in the morning when she woke up and her attacker wasn’t home.

Clemens says the man kept her wallet and other personal items from her to prevent her from leaving. He says the trafficker used the internet to arrange agreements for people to pay for sex with the victim. Clemens says authorities believe the man forced the woman into prostitution in cities including Sioux Falls, Green Bay, Chicago and in Minnesota.

"This has happened for such a long period of time and being controlled, being beaten really to the point that the victims have any sense of worth or have any ability to control anything in their lives," Clemens says. "So to get to the step where she was to be able to leave and call for help is actually a huge step on her part. It took a lot of courage after all of the things that she’s experienced and encountered."

Clemens says the woman is safe and getting help. Officials arrested 35-year-old Michael Dickey for first degree human trafficking and aggravated assault domestic.

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