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75th Rally To See First Same Sex Wedding In 2015

The Sturgis Rally draws hundreds of thousands of people to the state each year the rally is also a popular place to for bikers to get married.   On big years the event can also see about 100 weddings performed during rally week both by municipal officials and by local businesses that perform and cater weddings.
This year-the rally will likely see its first same-sex wedding and one local business owner couldn’t be happier. 

The Sturgis Rally is a popular place to get hitched and that's true for this upcoming 75th rally anniversary where wedding reservations are up.

“This year I would imagine they’re about double,” says Joan Pillen owner of the Sturgis Hitching Post 

Pillen's business has been marrying bikers for over 10 years.  Some walk in, some make reservations.  Pillen says the Supreme Court’s ruling making same sex marriages legal in all 50 states helps her business.

“Over the years we’ve performed many, many commitment ceremonies between same sex couples.  And that has been a great honor for me.  And, I look forward and welcome same sex-couples year round.    We also perform weddings year-round not only during the rally but year round, so we welcome that.  We think everyone deserves the right to love and be loved,” says Pillen.
Pillen adds that the macho stereo type often placed on bikers may seem at odds with tolerance for same sex couples.  However, she says this is a misunderstanding.
“Bikers and the whole biker philosophy is just to accept people for who they are and having the guts to authentically be yourself.  I don’t think anyone is judging anyone or holding any condemnation for certainly someone’s sexual orientation” says Pillen.    
The Register of Deeds in Meade County says there have been inquires to marriage licenses for same sex couples who want to have a rally wedding.   So, it’s likely the 75th Sturgis Rally will become the first to see an official same sex marriage.   

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