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Cyclists Get More Room On The Road With New Law

Charles Michael Ray

Cyclists have more legal room on the road in South Dakota starting on Wednesday.  The new minimum distance bicycle passing law takes effect July 1st.

The law sets a minimum of three feet of distance when passing a bicycle on slower roads under 35 miles per hour, and six feet when on a faster road or a highway.

Prior to this law there was no minimum distance when overtaking a bicyclist on the highway. Monica Heller is with the South Dakota Department of Transportation.

“Most people in South Dakota are pretty courteous when it comes to passing bicyclists.  I think this is just another one of those things though that it just tries to bring more attention to the public.  That you know, they can be out on  the road and we just need to practice some patience and kindness and give them a little bit of room,” says Heller.  

Heller says new signs designating the minimum distance will soon go up on some roads in the state that are popular for cyclists.


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