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Same-sex Couple Among First To Marry In Rapid City

Chynna Lockett

The Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage on Friday and in a short time some couples in South Dakota were able to pick up a marriage license. Weddings were performed the same day across the country including in Rapid City where a same-sex couple in married and celebrated the court’s decision.  

Tyler Butler and Kyle Wolf have been a couple for three years. Friday evening, friends and family gathered with the two at Wilson Park. They were among the first legal same sex marriages performed in South Dakota. Wolf says they weren’t expecting the decision.

Credit Chynna Lockett
Tyler Butler (left) and Kyle Wolf (right) place their hands over their marriage certificate after their wedding at Wilson Park in Rapid City.

“We have been waiting. We’ve been following it. We were really surprised when we woke up this morning and saw that it went through and passed. It’s a good feeling to know that equality has reached its high points,” says Wolf.

Credit Chynna Lockett
Tyler Butler (left) and Kyle Wolf (right) kiss as they are pronounced married at Wilson Park in Rapid City.

Wolf says they are glad they were able to hold the wedding the same day the bill was passed. He adds,
“I would just like to thank everybody that was able to be here for part of our day and for such quick notice with it passing this morning, being able to get everything set up and the support that we have.”

After the wedding, the couple went a celebratory party held by the Black Hills Center for Equality or BHCE. They were greeted with enthusiasm from guests.

“I’d like to introduce Kyle and Tyler. They just got married,” BHCE member Joe Geyer says, sending the crowd into roaring applause.

South Dakota governor Dennis Daugaard and South Dakota attorney general Marty Jackley both say the state will abide by the Supreme Court’s decision and begin issuing marriage licenses to all couples.

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