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Northern Plains Indian Art Show Aims To Benefit Artists

Chynna Lockett

The American Tribal Tourism Advocates, or ATTA have launched their first art show in Rapid City’s Main Street Square.

The weekly event showcases Native American artists from the Northern Plains who can sell their work.  
The event seeks to provide a new space to promote native art.

Traditional singers took the stage at The Northern Plains Indian Art Show  while Jewelry vendors line Main Street Square to sell an array of handmade pieces. Robert Cook, an Oglala Lakota, volunteers with American Tribal Tourism Advocates. He says the event allows people to meet American Indian artists and buy directly from them.

 “This is a great story telling opportunity, to be able to meet the artist, to be able to understand a little bit about the interpretation of what the art is and then the culture. And it’s just a great showcase to There’s so much misinterpretation of out Indian people. So this is an opportunity for our people to share our story, in our culture with people from our perspective. And I think that’s really good,” says Cook.

Cook says the art show will continue every Tuesday thru the summer at Main Street Square. He says ATTA is raising funds to build a permanent art market and pow-wow grounds near the Journey Museum.