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Senator Mike Rounds Opposed To WOTUS

The Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, is expected to finalize the Waters of the United States Act, or WOTUS by the end of the week. U.S. Senator Mike Rounds opposes the act. He explains that the rule has a significant effect on local control of water.
 “EPA and the core of engineers have proposed under the WOTUS rule to expand the scope of federal authority over land, water, literally to encompass all water over a flood plain, man-made water management systems, water that infiltrates into the ground or moves over land and any other water that they decide had a, in their term, significant nexus, to a downstream water based on use by animals, insects and birds and water storage consideration. Which shifts the focus of the Clean Water Act from water quality protection and navigable water waste to habitat and water supply.” Says Rounds.
Rounds says this act is simply not acceptable. He says if made law, the rule may expose dramatic new regulatory costs to farmers, ranchers, and land owners.