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Noem Backs COOL Following WTO Ruling

This week, the World Trade Organization ruled against requiring Country of Origin Labeling or COOL. The WTO found that requiring COOL gives livestock producers in the United States an unfair advantage. South Dakota Congresswoman Kristi Noem says she has always supported COOL and understands the importance of the agricultural industry to South Dakota.
 “I think it’s important for consumers to have information about the food that they purchase and eat and so having some kind of a reform would certainly be helpful. It’s also important that we continue our strong trading partnership in the region ad that we prevent these kinds of negative impacts that would hurt our agg. industry. We give consumers as much information as possible about the food that they eat.” Says Noem.
Noem also points out that she does not want to damage the United States’ current trade agreements or business with Canada and Mexico. She is hopeful there is a resolution on Country of Origin Labeling that will not harm the agricultural industry.