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Burn Ban Lifted In Minnehaha County

Officials in Minnehaha County have lifted a burn ban. Commissioners issued a burn ban a few weeks ago because dry weather contributed to small planned fires quickly spreading.

Emergency Management Director Lynn DeYoung says the conditions are different now.

"If a farmer or a rural homeowner needs to burn grass or brush as part of their property maintenance or field maintenance or anything, they can do that again now and not have to worry about a fine imposed as it would be during a burn ban," DeYoung says. "And if that’s the method of clearing debris that they choose, what we would ask them to do first is call Metro Communications, answer a series of questions from them as far as what they’re burning, where they’re burning, you know, how long it’s gonna be, and then conduct that controlled burn."

DeYoung says grasses are still dry, so county officials are monitoring whether another burn ban is necessary if the area doesn’t get rain this spring.

Rural landowners can call 605-367-7000 or 605-367-7222 ahead of a prescribed burn.