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Woman Killed In Rosebud Dog Attack

Courtesy Rosebud Sioux Tribe

 A Rosebud Sioux tribal member was killed by a pack of dogs on Saturday afternoon in the reservation community of Swift Bear.

A witness says Julia Charging Whirlwind had left a relative’s house and was walking to her home – about 100 yards away – when she was attacked.

Derek Clairmont is a firefighter and an EMT. He was one of the first persons at the scene.

“The ambulance and the sheriff was right behind me,” Clairmont recalled. “And there was two guys who were fighting these dogs off while she was laying there unconscious. As I got out of my vehicle…these dogs had come towards me. And I decided to run around and protect Julie. Then the sheriff had gotten out of the car and shot the dog that was coming pretty close to us.”

Julia Charging Whirlwind was taken to the Indian Health Service hospital in Rosebud and was pronounced dead.

The Rosebud Sioux Tribal Council is meeting today to outline steps for avoiding any similar incidents involving dogs.

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