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"The Hadley Bill" To Be Signed By Governor

Courtesy Sara Gjerde

It’s not often a 6-year old gets to meet the Governor…and especially not to have her own piece of legislation signed into law. But that’s exactly what’s happening today as Hadley Gjerde and her parents travel to Pierre to witness Gov. Dennis Daugaard sign “The Hadley Bill”. 

Six-year old Hadley Gjerde testified before the South Dakota State Legislature to amend the current law on the use of fireworks. State Representative Kristin Conzet witnessed Hadley’s testimony. 

“She came up with her father,” explains Conzet. “And, of course, had her head down in her speech in her hands. And she was clenching it quite tightly. But the mic turned on and she read her speech aloud. I’ve seen seasoned adults that have not done as well as she has.”

Hadley’s testimony resulted in a unanimous vote to allow parachutes and non-flying, non-exploding fireworks to be used throughout the year. Rep. Conzit says she hopes that both children and adults will learn from Hadley Gjerde’s actions that they can have an impact on their government.    

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