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Senators Pass Measure Restricting Payments For Abortion Procedures

A measure dealing with abortion payments is on its way to the Governor’s desk. House Bill 1130 prohibits abortion providers from accepting payment prior to the state’s informed consent period. Proponents of the measure say making a payment prior to an abortion procedure puts financial pressure to go through with an abortion when a woman may be reconsidering her decision. Senator Angie BuhlO’Donnel spoke against the measure. She says House Bill 1130 does nothing to prevent abortions and is insulting to women.

"I’m bothered by the underlying idea that women could possibly, that women take so lightly the idea of what they’re going to do when they have an unplanned and unwanted pregnancy that they might think to themselves – well, gee I was gonna decide to keep the pregnancy but I already wrote the check so ok let’s go. That really bothers me," says BuhlO'Donnel.

Buhl O’Donnel says the measure sends a message that women can’t think for themselves.

House Bill 1130 passed by a vote of 29 to 5 and now moves to the Governor for final approval.