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Lower Brule Tribal Leaders Face-Off In Court

Lower Brule Sioux leaders met in tribal court on Thursday in what has become a continuing battle for political control of the Lower Brule Sioux tribe.

This phase involved two tribal council representatives and the tribal vice-chairman. All three were newly elected to their positions last fall.

A dispute with Lower Brule Sioux Tribal Chairman Mike Jandreau in November resulted in Jandreau walking out of a council meeting along with two council members who support him.

Vice-Chairman Kevin Wright and the new council reps voted to replace Jandreau and his two supporters. Jandreau countered with subpoenas for his 3 opponents calling for a restraining order against any public criticism of the tribal government.

Tribal Judge B.J. Jones dismissed the subpoenas as well the defendants’ removal of Jandreau and the two council reps.

He noted that both issues were tribal constitution concerns and beyond the purview of the court.

Judge Jones ordered that a tribal council meeting be held on March 3 during which both sides have been instructed to resolve their differences.

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