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More Compromises Made on Road Funding Legislation

Road funding legislation continues to make its way through the legislature. Senate lawmakers have passed Senate Bill 1 which is one of two measures that increases funding for roads and bridges. Senate Bill 1 raises the excise tax by 1% and the gas tax by 2 cents annually for the next 8 years. The bill also increases license fees and gives counties the ability to increase taxes in order to pay for local roads and bridges. Senate members amended the measure so any property tax increases would be capped at 3% or the rate of inflation – whichever is less. Senators also put in a requirement that any proper tax increases proposed by counties and townships must first be approved by a vote of the people. Although, not everyone was happy with the changes the measure did pass. Senate Majority Leader Tim Rave encouraged lawmakers to keep the issue alive even if they don’t agree with the current funding proposal.


"I understand it’s not perfect. I understand that there’s things in it that people do not like but this discussion is far from over," said Rave. 

Members of the Senate passed Senate Bill 1 by a vote of 26 to 8. It now moves to the House.