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Rapid City Anti-Racisim Rally Could Draw 1K


More than one thousand people now indicate they plan to attend the Stand Strong Against Racism Rally in Rapid City on Tuesday. 

Some locals say if that number of people actually show up it could make this rally one of the biggest public gatherings on the issue of race relations ever held in Rapid City.
The rally was organized in response to what’s being called a hate crime against Lakota school kids at a hockey game in January.  
Cody Hall is one of the organizers of the Rally.
“We are just raising the movement to stand strong against racism in Rapid City.  But, we’re also raising the awareness of child abuse that occurred at the Rush game.  And it’s caught national media right now, it’s caught national attention,” says Hall.  
The event is being organized through a Facebook page and is set to start at 5:30 pm in front of the Civic Center Ice Arena just prior to Tuesday’s, Rapid City Rush hockey game.   
Participants who signed up on Facebook include a wide mix of both Natives and non-Natives. 

Meanwhile Rapid City is also planning a Community Forum on the evening of Monday, February 9th between 6-7:30pm at the He Sapa New Life Church at 415 Macarthur Street in Rapid City.   The Mayor and Police Chief are scheduled to attend in order to listen to community concerns.  For more information, contact Rev. Larry Salway at 605-391-1213.

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