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Daugaard Addresses Teacher Shortage

Democrats in the South Dakota Legislature say they wanted to hear more about teacher shortage in the governor’s state of the state address on Tuesday.  The governor responds by saying it already is part of his work force development plan.  

Governor Daugaard says his work force plan does not discriminate against teachers.  He says if there is a shortage in that area then the opportunity scholarship will help pay for tuition for students filling the shortage.

DAUGAARD:  (:23) Everyone wants to be an elementary school teacher and no one wants to be in the other fields.  I don’t know if that’s where the shortage is but my guess is that’s one contributor.  But again we can tell kids where the opportunities are and they still want to follow their dreams and sometimes they don’t.  It’s a free country.

Democratic lawmakers say they will introduce legislation addressing teacher shortages and salaries.  Daugaard says he can’t spend money for education that he doesn’t have.  He says local school boards can address paying teachers more.