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Deadwood's Pay-With-Plastic Parking Meters Get Thumbs Up

Amy Varland

Officials in Deadwood say the Passport Parking option is working well for the city. Passport Parking is an app that visitors can download to their Smartphone and pay for parking with a credit or debit card instead of using coins. The app was first available in Deadwood last spring.

Deadwood Police Chief Kelly Fuller says in the past visitors complained about having to leave what they were doing to go put money in the meters every two hours. He says Passport Parking is helping to alleviate that problem.

“You know it’s going well. Obviously this time of year we don’t have the number of visitors that we do during the summer but numbers have been good throughout the year. Obviously we’d probably like to see them a little better but the feedback we’re getting from people who are utilizing the system it’s been very positive so far,” says Fuller.

Fuller says the positive feedback is from both locals and tourists. He says the city plans to continue to offer the Passport Parking option and more people are encouraged to use it.